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Workshop & Seminars

Workshops/Seminars/Conferences Attended/Conducted by Our Faculty

S.No Date Attended By Name of Workshop Venue
1. 30th Aug-2014 IAS Mr. Chandra Mohan Thakur Teacher’s Training Workshop on Behavior Management & Motivation SGV School Campus, Lateri Road Sironj
2. 20th Dec.-2014 Mr. K.K. Upadhyay (SDOP Sironj) Teacher’s Training Workshop on Time and stress Management SGV School Campus, Lateri Road Sironj
3. 29th Aug- 2015 Mr. M.H. Khan(JNV Principal) Teacher’s Training Workshop on Communication & Parenting SGV School Campus, Lateri Road Sironj
4. 28th June - 2016 Dipti Roy Chudhary Effective Teaching & Learning CCE Implementation SGV School Campus, Lateri Road Sironj
5. 3rd Aug- 2016 Uma Maheshwari Teacher’s Training Workshop on Personality Development & Leadership Skill SGV School Campus, Lateri Road Sironj
6. 27th Feb-2016 Mr. Mazin Hasan(Captain of Indian Army) Teacher’s Training Workshop on Multiple Intelligences SGV School Campus, Lateri Road Sironj
7. 29th Jan- 2017 Anjali Singh Teacher’s Training Workshop on Effective Science Teaching & Child Psychology SGV School Campus, Lateri Road Sironj
8. 15th July - 2017 Mansa Panday Teacher’s Training Workshop on Class Room Management & Purpose of Education , Assessment for Learning SGV School Campus, Lateri Road Sironj

Workshops, Seminars and Activities for Students

  • Workshop by Forest Department  for Classes IV to X
  • Activity Swami Vivekanad Jayanti (Clothes Distribution)
  • Activity - Help by our school children for people suffering from tsunami.
  • Tsunami infested helping by our school students.
  • Regular Personality Development Sessions for Classes VI to X.
  • Session on Stress Management for Classes IX & X
  • Career Counselling Session by X.
  • Regular Games/Activities/Presentations/Questionnaires/Proformas/Group Discussions on Life Skills for all classes.
  • Public Speaking Sessions conducted for classes III to VIII. (Echo)
  • Stress Management Workshop for Class XI.
  • Life Skills Workshop for Classes IX & X.
  • Workshop on Time Management for Class VI to X
  • Workshop on Communicating Effectively – Verbal / Non-Verbal / Interpersonal / Active Listeningfor Class IX & X.
  • Workshop by Bank of Baroda for Classes VI to X
  • Workshop by Civil Judge on awerness on Rights of Students for Classes VI – X.
  • Regular Games/Activities / Presentations / Questionnaires / Proformas / Group Discussions on Value Education for all classes.
  • Workshop on Leadership for Middle School.